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Make a Connection with: Connection Cards

     As followers of Christ, we believe that there is nothing more important important than following Christ's lead in fulfilling His Great Commission. This is why we at Williamsville are seeking to bring you every tool possible to help it's members make connections with people in our community who need to hear the Gospel of Christ. One of these tools is our new Connection Card. It gives you the necessary tools to connect the person you are ministering to with our Church, our Connection Team, and to Christ. While you are ministering to someone, ask them if there is anything you can pray for them about. Very rarely will anyone say no. Pull out your connection card and write their prayer request and follow-up info on the insert and hand them the rest of the card. Say, "It was so good to meet you. I just want to let you know that I go to Williamsville Independent Methodist Church (here is a card) and if you ever want to come and visit us you are more than welcome."

     Now this connection card provides two things. First, it gives them our contact information, our purpose statement, and even a picture of our Church. Secondly, the insert you fill out gives us their prayer request but also gives us their information so that the Pursuers on our Connection Team can follow up with them. Give this insert to Bro. Cameron Ury, a member of the Connection Team, or simply place it in the offering plate. Also, if they want they can email their prayer request to our new Church email address, which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (which is also on the front of the card). Tell them that they will be prayed for and that we would like to be kept up to date on their situation.

     And lastly, if you want to walk them through the Gospel message, we have given you the Roman's Road printed right inside the Connection Card, so you have the scriptural tools right there with you in order to lead them to Christ. Now these Connection Cards are small, so you can carry them with you virtually anywhere. And since they fold in half, they stand out really well when you leave them somewhere (say....on a table at a restaurant where you are eating). Be creative. Use them as a tool to help you engage people. These are now available on the front table.

Front:                                                                        Insert (This is the part you keep and turn in.)

Connection Card1     Connection Card 3


Connection Card 2